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Last Minute Removals makes your business relocation easy.

Whether your business is large or small, we can efficiently coordinate any or all aspects of your company's relocation.

We know you can't wait to get back to work and you need the best company to move your belongings from one location to another (preferably with the least amount of stress).

We also understand that time is money, so let us help get you back to work faster, regardless of whether you’re moving down the road, across town, or interstate.

While you concentrate on your clients, our professional and dedicated Office removals team will happily take on the logistics of the actual relocation.

We operate locally within the Sydney and Gold Coast and we can also move you intestate to Brisbane or Melbourne.

We understand that moving office can sometimes be more stressful than moving house.

There are many things to consider when relocating an office:-

Moving Floor Plan

Having a moving floor plan can be a great assistance when working out where furniture and equipment will need to go in your new premises.

Floor plans can be simple or elaborate depending on your requirements. In need we can use an allocated numbering system and colour coded labels to help assist with positioning of furniture and office equipment (such as printers, computers, fax machines and phone systems etc).


Access to your new premises can be something that helps or greatly hinders your office move on the day.

Making sure you have sufficient parking on the day can mean less time spent going around buildings or street access to get to your office.

There’s a few things you might also need to check up on such as:-

  • Is there a loading dock at your office?
  • Will the lifts be big enough to fit your equipment and tables etc.?
  • Weight restrictions on things like safes or heavy equipment or displays
  • Will your furniture fit through the doors and along the corridors or hallways?
  • Do you need permits for parking?
  • Having someone allocated to provide security access on the day will help to create a smoother move

Preparation for the moving day

Being prepared and ready for your office move will assist Last Minute Removals to provide a smooth and successful move to your new office location.

And you can help us by making sure that all your desks, work stations, bookcases, stationery cabinets and filing cabinets are broken down and packed.

Note on filing cabinets: If you have 4-drawer filing cabinets, we ask that the top two draws be emptied and the draws are sticky taped shut. It’s also worthwhile taping keys to the surface of your filing cabinets so you don’t have a pile of keys after the move with no idea of what cabinets they’re for.


Most offices these days have computer systems in place. It’s best not to pack computer items into boxes as our experts at Last Minute Removals will be able to pack these with care into the truck on the day of your relocation.